A French balcony by Kirchberger Metallbau.

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What is a French balcony?
French balcony railings serve as guardrails for fall protection and fulfill safety-relevant functions, at the same time they enhance the appearance of the facade. The balcony can also be manufactured with an exit. The fall height of the is regulated by the respective building codes of the federal states. As a rule, these are up to 12m height 90cm and from 12m height 110cm.

Why buy a French balcony from Kirchberger Metallbau?
You do not order from any dealer without expertise but directly from the manufacturer guaranteed at the best price-performance ratio - advice and information you receive from a master hand.
Our French balconies are characterized by timeless modern design and fit into any building style.  We also manufacture special designs according to the customer's sketches and description.

How to choose the right balcony in terms of height and material?
We offer the heights of our French balconies in 100cm or in 110cm.
Select between three material variants. Stainless steel, galvanized steel or galvanized steel with powder coated surface and color of your choice. Any RAL color is possible.
The handrail of the galvanized and powder-coated balconies you can also order in stainless steel. A stainless steel handrail significantly enhances the appearance, is pleasant to the touch, and easy to clean. The French stainless steel balconies are made of stainless steel V2A, fine brushed (320). In coastal areas we recommend to choose the higher quality and more corrosion resistant V4A to avoid rust and corrosion.

How do we manufacture your French balcony?
French balconies are made according to the customer's wishes, to do this, simply enter the mounting distance in mm in the configurator.
All joints are welded joints, which are professionally executed according to DIN 1090.

What are my options for mounting?
There are three different mounting options to choose from. Mounting on the outer wall, mounting in the reveal and mounting directly on the window. The mounting on the window frame must also be clarified with the manufacturer of the window. 

How can I install the French balconies?
Installation is not a big effort, the balcony railings can be easily installed by yourself. We also offer the appropriate mounting material in the store, order the mounting kit depending on the wall condition. For exterior insulation, full thermal insulation, we offer special mounting materials and fixing sets. We will be happy to provide instructions on how to install the railing.
You can also have the French balconies installed by us. We assemble professionally and with the necessary experience.
The delivery of balconies is carried out by forwarding agency.