A terrace roofing from Kirchberger Metallbau

We are a manufacturer of individual terrace roofing of high quality.
We plan, design, construct, manufacture and assemble, all from one source, and made in Germany.
With a terrace roof from Kirchberger Metallbau, your terrace becomes an outdoor living room and an exceptional place to stay - an outdoor space, protected from wind and weather.

Terrace roofing in various designs.
We manufacture terrace roofs in many different designs, using different materials in steel hot-dip galvanized with powder coating, aluminum and glass elements. We customize your terrace roofing to your needs and local conditions. The materials used are extremely robust and durable and visually appealing.
If you want to combine your terrace roof with a shade, we have the right accessories.

We use safety glass VGS with double foil as glazing.
The laminated safety glass (VGS) is very safe, the roof surfaces and sides of glass have sufficient resistance and protect against falling branches, hail, snow, rain, as well as changing weather conditions.

Terrace roofing - free-standing or wall-mounted?
There are two options for your terrace roofing installation, freestanding terrace roofing and terrace roofing with wall attachment. If there is solid masonry, wall mounting is an option. Freestanding terrace roofs can be built anywhere and are independent of a house wall.

The shape of the roofing.
Either a flat roof or a half gable roof, which is often called a pent roof.

Colors for your terrace roofing
We offer many different color shades, so you can match your terrace roof to the look of your house.
Powder coating can be made in any RAL color.

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