Smoking shelter, smoking canopy, smoking cabin model R - aluminum

The smoking cabin series R convinces in terms of flexibility, versatility and quality.
The new Seaside anti-graffiti powder coating in DB 703 not only visually enhances the smoker's booth, but also provides better protection against corrosion.
Due to the special powder coating process, the smoking cabin is also suitable for coastal locations and also chemical industrial sites.
Flexibility is ensured by the prefabricated foundation slab. Thanks to the concrete foundation, there is no need for costly and complicated civil engineering work on the part of the customer.
The aluminum construction not only provides an attractive appearance and quality, but is also particularly environmentally conscious.
We use 80% aluminum from recycled aluminum profiles. Furthermore, the RX 2.0 series offers optimal wind and weather protection. This is achieved by the vertical, linear side walls without gaps. The double roof covering provides better insulation and thus prevents the cabin from heating up in summer. Drainage is controlled by a rain gutter integrated in the roof rim. Of course, we also offer extensive accessories, such as seating, ashtray tables or LED lights. An optional accessory is the green roofing, which is also possible in combination with solar systems. The green roofing promotes the renaturation of sealed surfaces and creates micro habitats for insects. In addition to sustainability, this provides a visual highlight. Take a look at the different variants.

A detailed overview of our smoking shelters model R can be found here: Smoker shelter-RX2.0.pdf

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