A modern, timeless, stable, stainless steel garbage can box Made in Germany.

You are looking for a high quality stainless steel garbage can box - stable - rustproof - modern - durable - Made in Germany - you will be made happy at Kirchberger Metall

The garbage can box made of stainless steel V2A steel is rustproof and weatherproof. Protect your trash cans from weather and vandalism.
Stable doors are provided by an internal frame. The doors of the garbage can box are movable with the optional toggle handle.
Many models can be combined with a plant roof and thus provide a visual highlight.
All models of garbage can boxes are available with flat roof, planting roof or lift-up roof in the store
The lift-up roof, which is very popular with our customers, makes it easier to throw the garbage into the garbage can box. 
In addition, there is a fastening set for the configuration of the stainless steel trash can box, which allows for secure mounting.
The boxes are delivered fully assembled! - Only unpack and position on site.

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